Belkin Introduces Clever New Combination Apple Watch and iPhone Charger

We’ve seen a lot of great combo Apple Watch/iPhone chargers made for the nightstand, but as all Apple users know, there’s a pretty high chance one or both of those devices aren’t going to make it to the end of the day. Today, Belkin is introducing the Valet Charger Power Pack, a mobile Apple Watch dock with a USB port stocked with enough power to keep both devices charged several times over.

Attempts have been made at mobile charging docks like this, but they don’t always get the design right. Belkin has done a wonderful job here, crafting a minimal rectangular device out of aluminum. It has rounded corners and a two-tone design that separates the external battery section from the Watch charging dock. I was able to get hands-on with it recently, and came away impressed with the build quality — it feels solid and is small and light enough to not be too disruptive in bags or backpacks.

That’s nice, but it’s what’s inside that counts. The Valet Charger has a 6,700 mAh battery, which is perfect for the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch. The Watch has between a 200 mAh and 250 mAh battery depending on the size of the Watch, while Apple once again supremely skimped on battery life on the iPhone 7, sticking with a comparatively tiny 1,960 mAh battery. Battery life is just as much of a problem with the iPhone as it’s ever been, but the Valet Charger will keep it going an entire day and then some. It’ll also do so quickly, supplying a dedicated 1 amp of current to both the Watch and the iPhone simultaneously. The battery itself can be charged with a 2.4 amp wall charger over a microUSB connection, so it’ll charge up a little faster in a pinch if you didn’t get the chance to recharge it overnight.

The Belkin Valet Charger is available starting today for $100. That’s not too bad of a price for a 6,700 mAh battery with an Apple Watch inductive charger added on, especially considering Belkin has to pay Apple to get that coveted MFi (made for i) certification. Belkin is also releasing a new heavy duty Lightning-to-USB cable today. The cables are made of Kevlar with a double-braided nylon exterior and an elongated strain relief at the connectors made of flexible TPE. Basically, the cable is built to last, unlike the quick-to-fray stock Lightning cables from Apple. That cable is available starting November 15 for $30 and will come in gold, black, silver, and rose gold — and yes, Belkin poured a lot of money into matching those colors with the iPhone 7 colors perfectly. To back up their durability claims, Belkin is supplying a five-year limited warranty with the cable.

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