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The DISH HopperGO Pocket DVR is Free for Cyber Monday

I think we can all agree that the DVR is one of the most important inventions of our time. The DVR was making on-demand entertainment possible way before it was cool. Having all of our shows and getting to watch them when it’s convenient is the best, but a new problem has recently cropped up: the dreaded backlog. We can only binge so many shows, and there are so, so many shows to watch! Rough life, right?

Part of the problem is that for all the freedom DVR affords, it’s still mostly been chained to the home. The promise of the DVR is that you can watch your shows whenever you want, but as it turns out, we’re not always at home in front of the television when we want to watch! Good thing Dish Network recently released the perfect solution to this dilemma. The HopperGO is a tiny device that makes your shows mobile, and thanks to their #FreeHopperGO promotion, you can get one for free!

So, what is HopperGO? Pretty simple — it’s like a mini external hard drive made just for your DVR. Hook it up to a Dish Network DVR and you can load up to 100 hours worth of saved shows to take with you on the go. From there, it becomes a personal hotspot: it creates its own wireless network that you can connect to using a smartphone or a tablet. That’s not all: you can connect up to five devices to it at once, so you can share your DVR and become a folk hero at the office! On lunch breaks, of course!

This tiny little guy holds up to 100 hours of shows

Like any mobile device, the HopperGO needs to stay charged. It’ll get about four hours on one charge, and hey, that’s like one-third or one-fourth of an entire season right there! If that’s not enough for one day’s worth of watching on the go, you can charge your HopperGO using a simple USB connection.

Other than the time it takes to charge, the HopperGO is totally wireless. It’s its own device: storage, connectivity, and power are all packed in this one little box. You can take it as far away from a network or Wi-Fi signal as you want, and the HopperGO will still deliver. Camping? Check. Stuck in an elevator and need to kill time while waiting to be rescued? Check.

Now let’s get to that free part. We all know free never really means free, and that’s true here, too. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal —new customers who visit and call from the promotion site and sign up for any DISH base package (and includes a DVR: Hopper 2 or Hopper 3) before Dec. 11th, will receive a free HopperGO! Don’t forget, you must also mention the offer code, “Free HopperGO” when calling. Some restrictions apply, but if you can clear all those legalese hurdles, you’ll score both a free HopperGO and DISH Network’s satellite TV service, which is still one of the more reasonably priced options in television. Not bad for getting your saved shows available wherever and whenever!

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