Love the Sound of Your Own Voice? Now You Can Wear it as a Ring

It’s tough to come up with original ideas these days, but Encode is proof positive that it’s still very much possible. The Japanese startup is making custom rings based on files you send over — audio files. So, how does sound become a ring?

The Encode Ring is a metal representation of your voice — based on a three-second audio clip that you upload, the site will record your voice amplitude and frequency and show you what it’ll look like wrapped around in a circle as a ring. If you’re not satisfied, hit the recording studio and try again. Once you’ve got something that looks good, rings can be ordered in steel, gold-plated stainless steel, silver, 18-karat gold, and platinum.

It’s a pretty cool idea! Rings with words inscribed seem almost passé in comparison — the whole marketing thrust of the company is that some feelings can’t be expressed in words. Having something a little more abstract to represent those words seems a touch more romantic, so we’ll give them credit for that. Or, you know, you can just record your dog barking and tell your significant other that it’s actually “I love you.” Either way.

Prices for the Encode Ring are quoted in yen and range from ¥12,960 to ¥129,600, or about $120 to $1,250. It’s a potential hit as a holiday gift, but you’ll have to weigh that against holding out for Valentine’s Day. Tough choice.

Via Cnet

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