Just Mobile’s TENC Transparent Case for iPhone 7 Thinks It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes (Review)

No one wants to cover up their shiny new iPhone 7, but sometimes (usually) it’s a necessary evil. iPhone 7, however tough and durable, is still not drop-proof, scratch proof, and scuff proof. In response, Just Mobile has launched their TENC case for iPhone 7, or The Emperors New Clothes case. As the name implies, TENC aims to keep your phone as naked as possible, while adding the right amount of protection.

TENC is a clear, flexible, polycarbonate case with a self-healing “smart coating”. There are TENC cases that can show off the glossiness of your jet black iPhone, or the matte-ness of your matte black iPhone. But of course, the three TENC caases will fit on any iPhone 7. The case is thin, but not crazy thin. It adds one millimeter to all sides of your phone. While flexible, it’s actually pretty dense for a case of its type. It takes a bit of effort to pop on and off the case.

The TENC case leaves all ports and buttons just as accessible as no case. On the back, the case exceeds the camera just a bit, so if you lay your iPhone face-up the camera won’t rub against the table. The case also exceeds iPhone’s face, so if you place iPhone face-down the screen won’t get scuffed or scratched.

We’re reviewing the crystal clear TENC on our glossy Jet Black iPhone. The case maintains a lot of the glossiness and grippiness of iPhone. It lightens up the black color and adds an interesting shimmer to the sides of the phone, which isn’t necessarily better or worse. Like the Jet Black iPhone, it also shows off greasy finger prints, so no big win on that front. The case is supposed to be self-healing and scratches should eventually fade completely away. We’ll admit, TENC did very well at staying safe from scuffs and general wear and tear. We did get a couple nice scratches on the case, and they healed up a bit over the course of a couple days, but did not disappear.

TENC is currently available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 for both the regular models and Plus models. It comes in Crystal Clear, Matte Black, and Matte Clear. It’s a great case if you want to add some extra protection without compromising the appearance and usability of iPhone. It adds a minimal amount of bulk and heft. Our only real gripe is that dust and dirt is able to sneak in the sides, and we’re afraid that our Jet Black iPhone will get scuffed edges as a result. TENC acknowledges that this is a possibility even from installing and removing the case. Outside of that, we’re really happy with TENC. TENC is currently available from Amazon.com for $24.95 for iPhone 7 and $29.95 for iPhone 7 Plus.

The Good: Durable, clear, self-healing, good usability, different clarity options

The Bad: Dirt sneaks in through the front, not completely scratch-proof

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