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25 Superhero-Inspired Dresses That Will Empower Your Wardrobe

Every woman needs an indulgently fun dress or two. We found a collection of 25 dresses that blend geek with chic for fashionable everyday cosplay. Empower your wardrobe (or a friend’s for the holidays!) with one of these outfits that will make you want to upgrade from power suit to power pose.

Iron Man


Antonia Stark never looked so good. This adorable retro style is flattering to the figure and even more satisfying to the inner geek.

Torrid – $40

Hulk Peplum Dress


This dress is one part Hulk and one part Lois Lane! We just love the flare skirt that plays the part of the Hulk’s shorts. Absolutely clever.

LaNerdista/Etsy – $95

Wonder Woman Caped Dress


Unfortunately, invisible jet not included. With a dress like this, who needs a power suit! If it worked for Diana, it works for us.

Fun – $25-$30

Marvel Comic Print Dress


Can’t pick a favorite superhero? This dress has all the favorites from the Marvel universe in a super cute vintage design.

Cyanidekissx/Etsy – $57.55

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