You Can Put This New Cleaning Robot Right Into the Toilet

In recent years, you may have moved on from using a brush and cleaner to one of those automatic cleaning fluid dispensers that helps keep the toilet shiny and nice smelling. Not having to scrub the toilet clean is a clear plus, but the dispenser doesn’t provide the elbow grease needed to keep the dreaded ring of poor home hygiene away forever. Well, I guess it’s time to flush all those other methods down the toilet, because someone out there is trying to get funding for the Roomba of toilets.

Toibot is our would-be hero. Here’s the idea: you slip on a plastic track around the rim of the toilet, which is where Toibot will stay. Toibot is a little battery-powered robot that will go around the track every time the toilet is flushed, dragging a brush that moves up and down along the inside of the bowl. The result? A sparkling clean bowl after every flush. That might not be the dream, but it’s certainly a dream.

Now we just need to hope Toibot becomes more than a dream. The concept is simple, but Toibot is only in the pre-crowdfunding marketing phase. The teaser video, if you want to call it that, only shows a mockup of the device doing its thing — it’s enough to make the concept clear, but making it real and mass producing it is a whole other matter.

If you’re a believer and want to be one of the first backers, you can sign up for email notifications on Toibot. The site was only registered in early October, so it looks like this project is in the earliest of stages. But hey, with enough funding, this would-be Israeli startup might just come out of it all smelling like roses — or at least not like something else.

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