These USB-Powered Lightsabers Are Actually Quite Practical

Winter’s coming, and it seems like there’s a lot less light out now. Well, in the spirit of never-ending Star Wars, you can light up the night with these USB-powered LED lights in the shape of lightsabers.

The 16 cm lightsaber lights come in Darth Vader red and Luke Skywalker green, instead of the more topical blue that just made its return in the last movie. Maybe they’re saving that one for the limited edition release. Then again, there’s no Kylo Ren claymore lightsaver option, either, so maybe they’re just keeping the focus on the classics.


The lightsabers are USB-powered, but they’re probably not going to be that useful in the home unless the power goes out or you really want to save money on electricity. They might actually end up being pretty useful in the car, though. They come with a cigarette lighter adapter, so you can use lightsabers for their best possible real-world purpose — finding stuff that fell under the seats.

The USB lightsabers, which are officially licensed by Disney, are being sold on Brando Workshop for a pretty ridiculous $56. That’s each, so if you’re wondering how the Jedi were so well-funded back in the day, there’s part of your answer.