Volvo’s New App Will Call Someone Over to Fill Gas and Wash Your Car for You

Volvo is driving hard at the luxury market now, and if there was any doubt about that, let this new app wash it away. Launching in San Francisco this month, Volvo Concierge Services will allow XC90 and S90 owners to summon someone to fill their gas and service and wash their car for them.

Volvo Concierge Services will be accessible through the Volvo On Call app. Using the app, Volvo owners can remotely call for their car to be washed, their gas tank to be filled, or their car to be serviced. While Volvo will handle car maintenance themselves, they’ll be partnering with other services like Filld for gas delivery. The services can be performed even when the owner isn’t around — using the app grants the service worker temporary electronic access to the car, using a digital key that expires once the work is done.

At the outset, the services will only be limited to a number of Volvo customers in San Francisco, but will quickly be extended to about 300 XC90 and S90 owners in the United States.

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