Blade Runner 2049 Gets Its First Trailer

The release is set for October 2017

The torrent of reboots, remakes, and sequels will keep on gushing into next year, with one move in particular giving us fits. The upcoming sequel to Blade Runner is unique in its potential to ruin the original — just the fact that it exists will end some long-running and beloved arguments between fans. But, a lot of people involved in Blade Runner are on hand for Blade Runner 2049, and they’ve been very enthusiastic.

Well, today’s the first day when we can judge for ourselves. Warner Bros. dropped the announcement trailer for Blade Runner 2049 today, a 1:45 spot giving us a look at Ryan Gosling’s character and the return of Harrison Ford as Deckard Cain. It’s the first of many to come before the film’s release on October 6.

The trailer reflects the brief synopsis that’s been given for the movie — Ryan Gosling is a new Blade Runner who makes a discovery that sends him searching for the long-missing Deckard Cain. Spoiler alert: he finds him, and promptly gets a gun drawn on him.

We’re guessing Gosling doesn’t get shot, because Ridley Scott has already stated he has a whole franchise planned, with Gosling at the center of it. Scott has also said that Cain definitely is a replicant, so that fan argument seems to be wrapped up already. Then again, producer and director types love throwing out (often transparent) red herrings before movies like this. We don’t know what’s true, but then again, who does?

Via Entertainment Weekly

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