Finally, an App to Make Your Cat Take Good Pictures

Can Candid Catmera really solve the problem of feline attention spans?

As has become well-known, developing a solid social media game for your cat is an excellent way to secure at least a couple years of steady income from the internet. Up until now, that’s been reserved for the lucky few who have been blessed with cooperative cats, but boy is that market ripe for disruption. Candid Catmera is a new app that will democratize cat pictures, making it possible for even the most unruly of cats to become Twitter famous.

Candid Catmera is the app version of the professional photographer with the squeaky duck. Start the app, set up your phone or tablet where your cat usually roams, and it’ll play short animations to get your cat’s attention. Once the app senses that it’s getting good kitty face action, it’ll snap a picture and store it, which you can then share on social media. Apparently, the app developers are devoted cat lovers, because we’re hearing that the app only works with cats — if it’s a dog face in front of the camera, it’ll do nothing. Presumably, this holds true for duck face as well.

Now, Candid Catmera is on the App Store for $2.79. That seems like an awful lot for an app! There’s a good explanation — besides paying for advanced whisker detection, $1 of each purchase gets donated to the SPCA in Halifax, where developers Current Studios are based. So, a lot of Canadian shelter cats are going to be really well cared for soon.

Via AdWeek

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