Cat-Opoly is the Most Purrfect Version of Monopoly Yet

This game lets you really own your feline obsession

It may be that no board game has ever had as many variations as Monopoly. Granted, they’re not so much variations as they are reskins, but it’s hard not to appreciate all the little special edition tokens that come along for the ride (we’re partial to the Coach set). Today, we’ve caught wind of an unofficial set that should be right up the alley of cat lovers.

Cat-Opoly isn’t just a cat-themed Monopoly — it’s a full-on educational experience. Instead of buying properties, players buy up cat breeds, with deeds that have a bunch of information about those breeds. Besides that, the game has the usual Monopoly tweaks — themed tokens (a milk bottle, a tin of sardines, a mouse, cat food, a fish, and a ball of yarn), cards, and events. Jail is now a bunch of water, the railroads are appropriately stray cats, and instead of utilities, you can get fleas. The only complaint I have is that there doesn’t appear to be a laser pointer token.

I don’t know if Cat-Opoly will be as friendship-sundering as the real thing. I’m guessing if you buy up your friend’s favorite breed, things will probably get heated quick enough. It may not be an official Monopoly game, but as long as it’s got that box ticked, it’s official enough for us. You can find it on Amazon for $19.

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