First Trailer for Alien: Covenant Abandons Chest Bursting, Embraces Back Bursting

I don’t know, both seem pretty painful.

Last time we checked in on the Alien franchise, it was getting a panel at San Diego Comic-con. That panel had plenty to say about the Alien reboot being directed by Neill Blomkamp, but that’s still a little further off. Next year, we’re getting the link between 2012’s Prometheus and the original Alien. From the looks of it, Alien: Covenant won’t be as slow and ponderous as Prometheus — the usual suspects are back, even if they’re exiting the human body in new ways.

The first trailer dropped over the holiday weekend, and it makes it clear from the beginning that Alien: Covenant is going to be the same kind of bloody horror film that the original was. The two-minute trailer kicks off with a scene ending in an alien (one of the new neomorphs) bursting out of a guy’s back, while Carmen Ejogo’s character gets left to deal with the aftermath by Amy Seimetz’s character.

But, be assured that all of the classics will be returning. The trailer has just about all of them — there are eggs, face-huggers, and at one point I’m pretty sure they show the outline of a fully grown xenomorph. Technically, there was no chest bursting, but we imagine the movie will not be completely bereft of chest bursting. Oh, and it looks like there will be a shower scene that will give Psycho a run for its money.

While Prometheus was loosely tied into the Alien franchise, Covenant promises to be more direct. The movie has a mostly new cast, but does have Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender reprising their roles as Shaw and David (Fassbender will do double duty as David and a new android named Walter). The two Prometheus characters were last shown heading off in search of the Engineer homeworld, something we’re guessing they may have found.

What did they find? Well, they certainly found some aliens. We’ll find out what else when Alien: Covenant starts terrorizing theaters on May 19.

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