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25 Geeky Hoodies For a Gloriously Nerdy Winter

Who doesn’t love a warm cozy hoodie? Wake up, throw it on and you are ready to face the day with warmth and comfort. Make that even better with a geeky touch! We found 25 awesomely geeky hoodies that will suit almost every kind of geeky fandom and then some.

Boba Fett Zip Hoodie


No one will recognize you with this full zip hoodie that takes you from chill to bounty hunter with one zip. Really commit to the part by quoting Boba’s classic line, “He’s no good to me dead” while wearing this.

Hot Topic – $60

Sheldon’s Soft Wookiee Song Hoodie


Forget kitties. Hum the gentle lullaby of a grrrring Wookiee to soothe your inner Sheldon. This hoodie is sure to create some chuckles as people gradually realize what they are saying when reading it. Plus, there are warm hand pockets!

Snorg Tees – $40

“Clever Girl” Jurassic Park Hoodie


Double nerd cred on this one. The famous Jurassic Park quote is paired with a raptor doing a Rubik’s Cube. Doesn’t it just make you crack up thinking about those wee little arms trying to play with a Rubik’s Cube?

Snorg Tees – $40

Baby Avengers Hoodie


Adorable — the Avengers assembled for a playdate! Hopefully they play nice. This cotton hoodie features five Avengers and conspicuously leaves out Black Widow and Hawkeye. What’s up with that?

PimpChimp/Etsy – $30

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