Incase Icon Case for iPhone 7 Review

Incase’s new Icon case for iPhone 7 is a durable, protective, and stylish method of delivering your new iPhone the protection it deserves. Its rugged design is not simply for looks. As of now, it also happens to be the most affordable quality iPhone 7 case you can find.

You can tell immediately that the Incase Icon is a durable case. It has a really tough look and feel. It’s light for its size too. This is not an ultra-thin case, but it also doesn’t convert your phone into an otterbox-like brick. The Icon case is a one-piece case that engulfs your iPhone. The back is pretty stiff, but the sides are more flexible. With a bit of pressure iPhone pops right in. The case’s bezel around the phone screen is raised by a few millimeters, which provides decent screen protection.

The Icon has an interesting design where the sides of the case have a contrasting color from the back. It’s not the most unique looking case, but it’s still pretty nice. The back is textured, for grip and also design. After a couple weeks of use the case shows absolutely no sign of wear. With that said, we believe this case will last a really long time before it becomes worn and unflattering.

The case has button overlays for volume and the lock button. These rubberized buttons are really easy to use. The vibrate toggle is a little trickier to access as it’s recessed in a centimeter of casing. On the bottom are large openings for the speaker, microphone, and lighting port. The opening is large enough for any type of lightning cable, but it may not work with your charging dock since the case is thick.

Incase has their trademarked Tensaerlite technology that is responsible for providing such ample protection in a relatively light form factor. The frame of the case can absorb impact and distribute the shock throughout the case. Other than the vibrate toggle being a little tricky to access, we love the usability and durability of the case. It’s comforting how durable it is. The only thing that took some getting used to is that it doesn’t slip in and out of the pocket as easily as some other cases.

The Incase Icon case for iPhone 7 retails for $39.95.

The Good: Durable, Protective, Good button overlays, Doesn’t easily wear, Easy to put on and take off, Great price!

The Bad: Hard to access vibrate toggle, Bulkier than your average case, Won’t fit most charging docks

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