The Latest Lego Batman Movie Trailer Digs Deep for Batman Bad Guys

The gravest threat to Ben Affleck’s Batman is coming to theaters in February. The Lego Batman Movie is set for a February 10 release, and from the two trailers we saw in March, it looks like it’s going to be way more fun than anything the DC Cinematic Universe is doing with the Dark Knight. The movie got a new trailer today, and from the looks of things, it’s also going to pull in members of the Rogues Gallery that we feel pretty confident saying the DCCU isn’t going to touch.

The nearly two-minute long trailer shows us Batman’s struggles with loneliness and needing to grow up — the idea of the Batcave as a man cave of the consummate bachelor is just too good. To help him learn some responsibility, it looks like Lego Batman will become Batdad to an orphan who becomes Lego Robin.

But, the baddies steal this trailer. The Joker appears, and is brokenhearted at Batman’s refusal to return his feelings. We also get Catwoman, the Riddler, and the Penguin, along with appearances by the all-too-often neglected Gentleman Ghost, Calendar Man, and the Condiment King. The trailer assures us that these are real characters. And yes, they are real characters. The Condiment King exists, and he had ketchup and mayonnaise guns in the comics, too. This is going to be the best Batman movie ever.

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