You Can Now Fly a Star Wars Drone As If You’re a Starfighter Pilot

And here we thought we knew the gadgets to beat this holiday season. A company called Propel has some experience with remote controlled vehicles and drones, and they’ve put it to very good use this year. Starting today, you’ll be able to get (or at least try to get) one of their limited edition Star Wars drones, and trust us, they didn’t just slap some paint on an existing design and call it a day. Propel went all out, and it shows.

Propel will sell three Star Wars drones — Darth Vader’s X1 TIE Fighter, an X-Wing, and a speeder bike complete with a Stormtrooper rider. All three are quadcopters with bodies made to be faithful replicas of the vehicles from the movies. Oh, and these are made of polymer, not styrofoam, and that’s for good reason — these drones are made for battle. Not only can each hit a top speed of 35 miles per hour, they’re equipped with lasers, so you can get a bunch of friends together and have an honest-to-goodness Star Wars dogfight under the night sky. Well, for six minutes or so, anyway — a lot of drones do use styrofoam for a reason!

Besides the lasers, each drone has a few different ways they can fly. More experienced pilots have a full range of controls, while novice mode automatically keeps the drone at a steady altitude, so newer pilots just need to worry about steering left and right. Thanks to an air pressure sensor, the drones can also just hover in more or less one spot, with some variance. They can do tricks like flips, too, because you can’t have a real Star Wars dogfight without fancy aerial maneuvers!

The drones can all be controlled using a companion app, but that app has a bit more than just controls. Each drone can play music (the TIE fighter gets The Imperial March, of course), and the app can keep score based on how many times you’ve tagged other ships with your lasers (and how many times you’ve been tagged).

Starting today, you can order one of the drones from Propel for $240. If you do pick one up, the drone of your choice will come in a hand-crafted, collectible, and individually numbered box — again, they really went all out. And yes, your eyes don’t deceive you — you can reserve a spot in line for a Millennium Falcon drone, although a CNN report says that the Falcon has been delayed until next year. We imagine Han Solo wouldn’t appreciate having his ship’s reputation for speed tarnished.

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