Tony Stark Educates Peter Parker in First Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Now that Marvel Studios has successfully gotten Sony Pictures to play ball, Spider-Man is being worked into the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland debuted as the new Spider-Man (third one this century!) in Captain America: Civil War, when he became Tony Stark’s protégé of sorts. Holland is signed on for plenty more appearances as Spider-Man, starting with his first solo movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming is coming to theaters July 7, 2017, and yes, we’ll be spared the origin story.

Like in Civil War, Peter Parker will already be well-entrenched in his Spider-Man role during Homecoming. Instead, it looks like the movie will have fun with his more everyday high school struggles, like getting get caught gawking at girls with Ned Leeds — Parker’s Daily Bugle colleague in the comics, he’ll be recast as his high school friend in the MCU. The girl getting gawked at is Liz Allan, another figure familiar to comic book readers.

Zendaya’s character is the one calling out Peter and Ned for being creepers. The official stance is that Zendaya is playing a character named Michelle, but rumors persist that she’s actually playing the MCU’s version of Mary Jane Watson. Given that Homecoming is drawing on familiar characters like Ned and Liz, we’d be inclined to think that Zendaya will play Mary Jane — given that she’s in this debut trailer, it’s hard for us to imagine that she’s playing a minor role, and it’s hard to imagine that a major role wouldn’t be a major figure from the comics.

Whatever the case, the trailer looks great, and Michael Keaton looks menacing as the Vulture (as the running joke goes, it’s like he hopped out the end of Birdman and became really, really nasty about the whole thing). Robert Downey Jr. shows up as Tony Stark, and it’s clear he’ll be continuing his somewhat responsible mentorship of Peter Parker the superhero. But, looks like some of the drama will come from Parker getting tired of being babied by Stark — sounds like a high school coming of age classic already!

Via Entertainment Weekly

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