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25 Rogue One Fashions That Belong in Every Rebel’s Closet

Here’s how to dress like Jyn Erso, Cassian, and even K-2SO

Rogue One stole our imaginations and took us on a great Star Wars journey, leaving us jealously eyeing a few fashions we would like to take with us into the real world. Turns out, we can! We found 25 Rogue One fashion items you can actually buy and wear every day. There is everything from replica jackets to a Kyber necklace, and even a vegan leather backpack!

TIE Fighter Real Leather Jacket


This limited edition lamb leather jacket has some of that Imperial ingenuity! The badge on the chest is interchangeable, and the jacket comes with two rubber badges — a TIE Fighter and the Imperial emblem. Inside, there’s even more action — a painted dogfight scene and TIE Fighter schematics. You know, in case you ever need to blow one up.

Think Geek – $500

Death Trooper Tie

jjti_death_trooper_plaid_tieIf you feel like a humdrum day at the office is like another day taking orders from the Empire, this tie will set the right tone as you march through the week.

Think Geek – $55

Mon Mothma’s Dress

il_570xN.1023876718_136xDid anyone else wonder how Mon Mothma kept her stunning white outfit so clean when all the other rebels looked like they had just rolled in dirt? They did live in an ancient pyramid, but maybe they had decent plumbing too. Either way, this replica dress looks spot-on and cozy too.

ItalianStageClothes/Etsy – about $129

Jyn Erso’s Scarf

Image Credit: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Image: Disney

How better to hide your face than with a trusty scarf? This raggedy scarf is a replica of the one Jyn used while infiltrating Jedha.

Film Jackets – $29

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