Tech21 Evo Check Case Review (iPhone 7 Plus)

Your new iPhone is beautiful, but the last thing you want to do is use it without a case. Fortunately, there are a few cases that protect the phone without hiding its beauty, like the Evo Check case from Tech21.

The Evo Check case is ultra-thin, lightweight and has a cool checkered pattern on the back. The bumper edge offers excellent protection from drops up to 3 meters, which is pretty good for such a slim case. That extra protection is due to what they call FlexShock, an “ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, and an all new 3-layer impact absorption system.” The science aside, it’s nice to see that level of protection in such a slim design.

The volume and power buttons are covered and are very responsive. In addition, the mute and speaker ports are large enough for easy access. The case is very easy to put on and remove. However, we did note that the cutouts for the speakers at the base of the phone do not seem to fit just right. This doesn’t prevent it from working well, but it is odd that it is not a better fit.

It feels good in your hand as well, something that can be overlooked when choosing a case. There are two color choices available — clear/white and rose tint/white. Either choice looks nice, although both will definitely pair better with lighter-colored iPhones. It should be noted that although an iPhone 6 Plus fits nicely in this case, the camera does not quite have a clear view. So, this is definitely a case for the 7 Plus.


The Evo Check is a nice case for a nice price. You can order one directly from Tech21 for $40.

The Good: Lightweight drop protection

The Bad: Base of the case fits oddly

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