Aerix Vidius HD Live-Streaming Mini-Drone Hands-On

Aerix Vidius HD Live-Streaming Mini-Drone Is a Blast to Play With

Earlier this year, we checked out the Aerix Vidius drone, a tiny quadcopter capable of streaming live video. Problem was, the video was limited to 420p. Since then, Aerix has added 720p HD streaming, making their new Aerix Vidius HD drone the world’s smallest live streaming HD drone. But, that’s not all Aerix has added — they’ve got a new app that lets you control the drone in VR! We got to test it out and had a blast playing with it.

It is remarkably nimble for such a small drone due to the barometer-style altitude sensor, and it wasn’t easily blown about by the wind thanks to a stabilizing six-axis gyroscope. It can go up to 100 feet away from the phone it’s connected to, which is pretty great range for a smaller drone. Operating it with the VR headset is very realistic and a bit chaotic because of how nimble and bouncy the drone is.

The drone records in 720p with a wide-angle lens camera system. Using a Wi-Fi conenction, it recorded quite well as long as it wasn’t too far from the controlling phone — if it drifted away too much, the recording got jumpy. VR is fun to play around with for a little bit, but given the choice between the VR mode and just using the controller, the controller is more hassle-free.

The drone comes with blade guards and an emergency stop, making it durable. Considering we crashed it quite a few times and it still held up just fine, we were impressed. We really enjoyed performing the 360 degree flips and rolls all while streaming. Overall, it was a ton of fun and  I think we all know the real reason we want one, to mess with our pets like we did in this video:


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