Make a Speaker Tower with the Modular aiFi Ai-1 Speaker

We just experienced the aiFi speaker tower and have to admit: the aiFi Ai-1 is an impressive device. While we don’t expect any sane person to create their own 66 speaker tower, it was a really interesting demo to see how the speaker hive mind works. The Ai-1 speaker is a feature-rich bluetooth speaker as is, but the modular aspect really opens up the potential.


Set one speaker aside a playing speaker and they’re immediately synced and playing. Stack one on top, and it’s also immediately synced and playing. There’s no cables or pairing process required. You can make your music and audio wider or bigger. Three speakers side by side (or 5 or 7) makes a really compelling sound bar for your home theater. As you stack on additional speakers, the technology considers the build and adjusts the audio for the best possible experience. For instance, two speakers side-by-side functions as two-channel audio in the living room, while a third creates a sound bar experience with a middle channel. It can create the experience of having rear speakers (somehow!).


Born from a funded Indiegogo campaign, aiFi is Swedish engineering at it’s finest. The speakers are crafted of aluminum and stainless steel and felt extremely durable. There are LEDs that are not only fun, but functional. LEDs can be used to indicate the sync, it’s used to indicate battery power, and it’s also customizable.

Unfortunately, the aiFi speaker tower won’t come cheap. The speaker prices out at $299 each (available from aiFi’s website), but could easily be a worthy purchase for one or a few. The modular aspect makes them really handy in the household. A three speaker sound-bar means three members of the household can also have their own personal speakers.

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