AmpMe Can Sync an Unlimited Number of Bluetooth Speakers Together

The app brings together different bluetooth speakers to play the same music at the exact same time

AmpMe is a popular new app that allows you and friends to listen to the same music at the exact same time. This is great for listening parties and silent discos, but they’ve taken their app to the next level. Now, AmpMe can even sync an unlimited number of bluetooth speakers to play the same music at the exact same time. This means you can play a track from your phone and have it play on dozens of bluetooth speakers spread around the house. They don’t even need to be the same brand!

This new AmpMe feature almost sounds like magic considering most bluetooth speakers don’t support multi-sync features and your phone can’t even stream to more than one bluetooth source. The catch is that every bluetooth speaker requires a different phone or tablet. If all of your friends bring over a bluetooth speaker, and they all have the free AmpMe app, you can set up speakers throughout a party for a whole home experience. Or, you can keep them all in the same room for a very loud party. It solves a very expensive problem as setting up a distributed system of speakers does not come cheap.

AmpMe was already able to play music simultaneously between phones, but the real challenge with bluetooth speakers is compensating for the different delays they have. For instance, one brand of speaker might have a 5 millisecond delay between the music device and the speaker, while the other has a 50 millisecond delay. Those two speakers would sound awful trying to play the same song and they’d clearly be out of sync. AmpMe considers this and adjusts for it with a database they’ve built of all the pupular bluetooth speakers and their latencies.

AmpMe currently works on Android and iOS and can play music from YouTube, SoundCloud, and your personal music library, with more streaming services to come. The app is free and this new feature is already live! Here are the links:
iOS App Store
Google Play