Fashion-First Wireless Earbuds Are Stored in Bracelets and Necklaces

Ashley Chloe Fuse True Wireless Earbuds Can Be Stored in Charging Jewelry

In 2015, a new company called Ashley Chloe took to Kickstarter to fund Helix, a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones stored in bracelets. Their crowdfunding campaign was a success, and it’s helped them create something even more in need of storage — true wireless earbuds.

True wireless earbuds — think AirPods, Skybuds, Earin, Samsung IconX, Sol Republic Amps Air and the list goes on for a long time — cut even the cord connecting the buds, relying on a wireless connection between the two buds as well as between the buds and your phone. That makes them even more prone to getting lost when they aren’t in use. Until now, we’ve seen companies create charging cases for the buds to provide storage, but those cases aren’t always on hand. So, Ashley Chloe wants to put them on your wrist, instead.

Their Fuse earbuds go for the smaller look, similar to the Earin buds we reviewed last year. They’re sleek, black, and made of ceramic. Then again, they might be too sleek and small for their own good — Ashley Chloe is saying they’ll only get an hour of talk/music time, which is a fair ways behind most other buds we’ve tested (which get between two and five, generally).

Instead, Ashley Chloe will try to compete by helping make sure you don’t lose those new buds. The two buds can be joined together with a magnetic connector, which can then be placed in any number of accessories the company is creating. They’ve got a heavy duty charging case like everyone else, but they also have smaller charging cases that they’ve turned into bracelets and pendants for necklaces.


We’re not sure about the accessories yet, but the Fuse buds themselves will be $200. They can be reserved on Ashley Chloe’s site now, but the company doesn’t expect to ship them until the fall. It’s worth noting that Ashley Chloe is a pretty new company, and like a lot of Kickstarter companies, they saw months-long shipping delays for their debut product, Helix.

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