AT&T Introduces Reasonable International Day Pass for $10 a Day

It might only be a better option for weekend trips, though.

AT&T and Verizon have long gotten a bad rap for their international usage plans, which charge a ton of money for calls, texts, and a small amount of data. AT&T’s taking a step in the right direction today with their new International Day Pass, although it’s still a far cry from T-Mobile, which introduced unlimited low-speed data, with unlimited texting and $0.20 per minute calls for an extra $10 in over a hundred countries.

While the T-Mobile plan is great for people going on long and short trips alike, AT&T’s new deal will probably only work for those who will be abroad for about a week, tops. The good news is that it’s simple — $10 per day activates your existing plan while abroad in a little over 100 countries, covering data, calls in and between participating countries, and texts to anywhere. We’ve been told that the Day Pass will deliver the highest data speeds available where you are — if there’s an LTE network where you’re traveling, that’s what you’ll be put on. That’s still pretty pricey, but for AT&T customers taking short trips, it might be worth the time saved setting up an international service SIM or getting a SIM card from a local carrier.

Beginning January 27, AT&T customers can activate the International Day Pass feature on their accounts, which will kick in whenever they start using their device in one of the participating countries. It’s worth noting that the International Day Pass is $10 per day per device, so if you’ve got a family plan, you won’t be able to just pay $10 per day to cover everyone’s devices.