Canada Has Oreo-Filled Cadbury Eggs

They’ve been holding out on us!

Well, Canada’s big secret is finally out. Word’s getting out that up north, the store shelves are stocked with heretofore unimaginable treasures — Cadbury eggs with Oreo filling. The chocolate eggs are stuffed with Oreo creme and bits of the cookies, and they look like bad news for virtually any new years resolution you’ve made.

So, how long has this been going on? Cadbury Canada’s infrequently used Twitter account made mention of them in a tweet from March of last year, so it’s possible they’ve been around for a year. It’s only now that they’ve made their way to the right Instagram accounts, where the photographic evidence of Oreo-filled Cadbury eggs unsurprisingly drew much attention.

That they aren’t in the United States is likely due to business — whereas Cadbury (now owned by food giant Mondelez) makes all of their stuff internationally, anything sold under the Cadbury name in the United States is actually made by Hershey. So, unless all parties involved come to a handshake agreement to bestow these bad boys on us, you’ll need to make a border run and smuggle some over, ASAP. It seems Mondelez has been busy with Oreos lately, too — we also got those Milka Oreo bars late last year.

But, it might not just be Canada. Just yesterday, someone put up a post on Instagram saying that they’re also in Australia. All we really have to go on are the photos — after that, we’re just trusting the word of random Instagrammers here. We think we’ll go with the more conveniently located country, though.

Then, yesterday, Cadbury Ireland tweeted out news that an egg and spoon four-pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo eggs will be hitting Ireland.

Where will they show up next? We still really doubt it’s going to be here, but hey, we can dream!

Via PopSugar

Update 01/22/17: This post incorrectly states that Hershey makes the Cadbury Creme Eggs sold in the United States. Hershey only sells and markets the eggs in the United States; they are still produced by Mondelez. We regret the error. h/t: Matthew Brannigan


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  1. “anything sold under the Cadbury name in the United States is actually made by Hershey”

    Actually, no – the Creme Eggs that are sold in the US are made in Canada by Cadbury/Mondelez and are distributed by Hershey under their license agreement.

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