Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Supernatural Are Returning to the CW Next Fall

All the super CW shows are returning for another season next fall.

Usually we don’t hear about television series getting renewed until later in the year, but the CW doesn’t see much point waiting on its most successful series. Over the weekend, the network announced the renewal of seven series, including all of their DC superhero shows.

The CW’s original superhero duo, Arrow and Flash, will get sixth and fourth seasons, respectively. Supergirl, which started on CBS before moving to the CW this past fall, has been confirmed for a third season. Rounding out the superhero slate will be DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which will also get a third season this fall.

Here’s some more super news — to no one’s surprise, Supernatural is still going strong. Season 13 has been confirmed for one of the longest-running shows on television.

Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which is not based on the meme) are the other two shows getting early renewals. All seven have proved to be successful with fans, with the superhero shows securing dedicated fanbases despite the usual downturn in viewership over time.

It’s good news for DC Comics, too. While their big-budget movies have still had large takes at the box office, they haven’t seen much momentum build among critics or fans. Despite the large revenues, enormous budgets have made some wonder if the movies have even made profit (it seems Suicide Squad probably did, but it’s less clear for Batman V Superman). Their television shows have been a much better source of positive fan and critical reaction, and it seems that’ll keep on being the case for the foreseeable future.

Header image: The CW

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