FoldiMate is the Laundry Folding Machine We’ve Been Waiting For

FoldiMate is not quite the laundry robot that The Jetsons teased us with, but it’s a start! While there’s still no hard proof that our first consumer-level laundry folding machine will actually hit the market, we got to see the prototype! Additionally, there’s prices, specs, videos, and general release information now available. FoldiMate will automatically fold almost any piece of clothing and can even apply treatments like de-wrinkling and softening.


FoldiMate is about the same size as a washer or dryer. It weighs about the same thing and is intended to stack on top of one of them. It won’t take a pile of laundry and fold it for you, but it does appear to speed up the amount of folding time, though. It looks like Foldimate has a bunch of hooks that you clip your clothes to one-by-one, and are processed and folded continuously. You can clip up to 15-20 items at a time. FoldiMate is saying the clipping takes 5 seconds per item, with folding taking 10 seconds, and de-wrinkling taking an additional 20-30 seconds per item. The treatments are optional.

The claim is that folding time will be chopped in half, which is a start. At the very least, the folding looks a lot neater than many of us could fold. Shirts, pants, and towels are supposed to work great, however large items like linens and small items like underwear and socks will not work.

Consistent with the 2017 consumer electronics trend, FoldiMate will be internet-enabled. Apparently you’ll be able to download different “folding methods” via the FoldiMate internet store, if you are not fond of the “professional looking fold”.

FoldiMate is supposed to be available in 2018, so we have at least a year to wait. It will cost between $700 and $850 with extra for the de-wrinkling feature. There are no pre-orders yet, but you can register to find out as soon as there are at foldimate.com.