Hulu’s Offline Viewing and Streaming TV Bundle Might Be Just a Few Months Away

2017 could be a big year for Hulu.

TV is changing fast. We’re seeing more and more streaming TV bundles like Sling TV and the recently launched DirecTV NOW prepared as low-cost alternatives for those who don’t want to pay for cable. Hulu has been working on getting into that game for a while now, and judging from a recent interview between AdWeek and Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins, we can expect to see the results of that work soon.

The interview touches on some news announced last year and earlier this year — most significantly that Hulu has secured a streaming deal with CBS, something no other streaming TV service has. In the interview, Hopkins says, “we’re going to make this a sports-centric offering, and if you’re going to make that part of your package, you have to have NFL, you have to have the complete March Madness package and all of the other great sports that they have.” We’re guessing that Hulu’s service will have multiple pricing tiers, so we’re not sure if Hopkins is talking about a sports-specific tier or Hulu’s streaming service in general. Hopkins also says Hulu is working on getting deals done with NBCUniversal, Discovery, and A&E before launch.

Hopkins also mentioned that Hulu’s streaming TV service will have something like DVR, although it’s hard to parse his exact quote. He said of the feature, “it’s going to be fully functional, just like you could expect from a regular DVR.” We’re not sure what that means, exactly, but there was another point he was much clearer on. Hopkins confirmed that offline viewing, which Netflix started to roll out last year, is in Hulu’s plans and could come within the next few months.

You can check out the full AdWeek interview for more interesting tidbits, like exactly why Hulu decided to bring on The Mindy Project after its cancellation. With that series plus even more original series in the pipeline, it sounds like Hulu is ready to make some noise in 2017.

Via The Verge

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