HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a Gaming Headset That Works Out of the Box

Finally, a Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset that Doesn’t Require Extra Software

Virtual surround sound is becoming the norm in gaming headsets — we’ve seen it on the SteelSeries, LucidSound, and Tesoro headsets we’ve reviewed, but it’s in plenty of other headsets, too. It’s great for gaming — being able to hear the directions of shots fired is handy in any competitive game — but the surround sound feature generally requires you to install proprietary software that isn’t always intuitive. At CES this year, HyperX launched the Cloud Revolver S, a headset that does away with that software altogether.

Like any headset that has 7.1-channel Dolby virtual surround sound, the Cloud Revolver S relies on an in-line USB dongle and a USB connection to your PC to function. The difference is that this headset is simply plug and play — plug the headphones in, hit the Dolby button on the dongle, and you’ve got sound coming at you from all directions. Most of the other headsets we’ve tried have required software that needed to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site, so HyperX’s approach is pretty convenient.

Revolver S - Dongle

One of the benefits of having software is that you can tinker with EQ settings, but HyperX has managed to preserve that feature to an extent. There are three EQ presets that can be switched between using the dongle, which can enhance either voice or in-game sound effects.

Otherwise, the headset looks similar to a lot of other gaming headsets that have come out recently. The Cloud Revolver S uses 50 mm drivers plus memory foam cushions, providing comfort and blocking out background noise. There’s also a detachable boom mic that can cut down on background noise coming from your end, so your teammates can better understand you (hopefully with no berating involved).


HyperX is also getting in on the trend of more understated design for gaming peripherals. With gaming becoming a little more mainstream (see: sold out arenas for eSports competitions), there’s more demand for gaming products that don’t scream gaming. The Cloud Revolver S has a matte black finish with the HyperX logo on the earcups — big enough to make all the eSport endorsement deals HyperX is securing worth it.


At $150, the Cloud Revolver S is a high-end product from HyperX. It’s not necessarily going to be the cheapest option around when it comes to virtual surround sound headsets, but if you value that extra bit of convenience, they could be worth checking out. The Cloud Revolver S will be available online starting March 14, and will come with a two-year warranty.


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