Incase Introduces Connected Luggage With Huge Battery Packs and Location Tracking

These new suitcases can be tracked down if they’re accidentally left unattended.

Incase, an Incipio brand since 2015, might be best known for their tech-friendly bags and backpacks, but they showed up to CES this year with something completely different. The company’s new rolling luggage are ready to travel, thanks to embedded battery packs and tracking tech that helps make sure your luggage doesn’t get lost at the airport.

Their Connected Soft-Sided Hubless 4-Wheel Carry-On is the crown jewel, with an 18,000 mAh battery that can charge a smartphone around six times over. That battery is safe to use with USB Type-C devices, so it’s good to go if you’ve got an Android phone from last year or this year. With the included power adapter, the suitcase can be fully charged (welcome to 2017) in about six hours. A zippered compartment on the top of the suitcase (near the telescoping handle) can hold your smartphone and is where the charging ports are located.

Incase Connected Travel Roller with Portable USB-C Power Station

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, this luggage won’t get lost easily. Using a companion app, you’ll be able to see how far away your luggage is and its last known location, should you happen to lose track of it at the airport. That’s as long as the suitcase is within Bluetooth range, though — if the airline loses your luggage, Incase can’t help you there.

Pretty handy, but pretty pricey. Incase is selling the suitcase for $600 on their website, although it’s currently out of stock. There’s also a hard-case rolling suitcase available with a plenty big 9,000 mAh battery for $300.

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