Kaskade Now Has His Own Luggage and Backpack Collection

Kaskade Debuts New Travel Collection with Incase

When Incipio acquired Incase in 2015, one of the big reasons was Incase’s travel prowess. Over the years, they’ve been responsible for a good number of nice tech-friendly bags and backpacks, plus the usual tech accessory fare like cases and the occasional battery pack. Well, at CES this year, Incase just made all those travel accessories a bit more intriguing for Kaskade fans.

Incase x Kaskade Backpack

Incase has partnered with the musical polymath and DJ extraordinaire for a whole line of accessories, including bags, backpacks, luggage, and iPhone cases. The designs don’t depart much from Incase’s signature sleek, monochrome look (there’s a lot of grey and black here), but everything has Kaskade’s geometric ‘K’ logo on it somewhere. The most overt design is on some of the smartphone cases, which use that ‘K’ logo as a motif on the back. Otherwise, everything here has the ‘K’ logo tucked away somewhere small on the inside or outside — there’s something to be said for subtlety.


Incase and Kaskade got together because of Kaskade’s tendency to travel a lot to get to shows all around the globe — the Incase press release says the guy has been in the air for the equivalent of 161 trips around the earth’s circumference. We have no idea how long it took to calculate that on the basis of Kaskade’s many flights taken, but it’s an impressive number. For his part, Kaskade says, “Of the things I’m uniquely qualified to have an opinion on, traveling would be first on the list.” I feel like music would be the first thing on the list, but I’m not going to argue.

Incase x Kaskade_Details

You can find the whole Incase x Kaskade collection on Incase. Prices range from $20 (a USB light or an organizer kit) all the way up to $350 for a rolling carryon suitcase.

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