The Jack Makes Your Old Headphones Work With the iPhone 7 Wirelessly

It’s like Apple’s adapter, but even better!

When the iPhone 7 launched, the major complaint (as you may be aware) was the lack of a headphone jack. Apple’s insistence on relying on Bluetooth or Lightning headphones meant that it was impossible to use existing wired headphones without carrying around an adapter. Well, the Jack is still an adapter, but it lets you use your old headphones in a slightly more convenient way.

Apple has a 3.5 mm-to-Lightning adapter for wired headphones — the Jack, from Podo Labs, is the same kind of adapter, but for Bluetooth. The device, which can be clipped on shirts or pockets, can connect to devices using Bluetooth. Just plug your headphones into the Jack, connect it to your audio port-less phone, and you’ve got wired headphones that are now wireless. Well, the wire’s still there, but it’s not connected to your phone. You get the idea.

3. Receiving mode

Because your headphone cable will still be there, the Jack will probably do best combined with a twist tie to keep the cable from dangling — after all, getting away from dangling cables is what Bluetooth connectivity is all about.

But, because of the simplicity of the device, it can be used in a lot more situations than just with phones. Using an auxiliary cable, you can plug the Jack into a receiver or speaker at home, then connect it to your phone over Bluetooth — pretty handy if you’ve still got old, non-connected speakers you’re attached to. It can also be used with in-line mics, in case you need to take calls.

Another fun feature is syncing of two devices. If a friend has a Jack, the two units can be synced with the press of a button — music played from one device will be streamed to both units. Hey, if you’re looking for ways to decrease your data use, it’s not a bad idea.

1. Colors

Podo Labs says the Jack will get 12 hours of use off a 300 mAh battery. It’ll be available in black/gunmetal, white/gold, and blue/gold. The Kickstarter campaign starts today, and early bird contributors can get the black/gunmetal Jack for $25 or either of the other colorways for $30 — they’ll ultimately retail for $35 and $40, respectively. Podo Labs says the Jack will ship in June, but you know how it is with Kickstarter projects. Hopefully there won’t be any delays — the team has funded a couple other devices on Kickstarter before, including a tiny wireless camera.

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