JBL Boost TV Review

A soundbar solution for cramped spaces

chipchickpick1The JBL Boost TV is aptly named — it really does provide a much needed boost to your flat panel TV. I absolutely love my TCL Roku TV — it’s an incredible value and a great TV for the money, but its weakest aspect, like with most TVs, is its audio. It’s not just that the built-in speakers aren’t powerful enough, but that dialogue tends to be muddled and difficult to distinguish. The JBL Boost TV remedies that by bringing volume, more depth and punch, and much clearer speech to TV shows and movies.

But, it’s not just about enhancing your TV’s audio experience, it’s about doing so while taking up minimal space. The JBL Boost TV measures just 15″ long despite 30 watts of power going to the speakers. If you’re really pressed for space, here’s more good news — it doesn’t require connection to a separate subwoofer. The Boost TV connects to your TV via Optical Digital Audio (with Dolby Audio) or via a standard 3.5 mm jack. An optical audio cable is included in the box.


In addition to these ports, the JBL Boost TV has built-in Bluetooth and is able to connect to up to three mobile devices at once. This makes the Boost TV not only convenient, but also an even better value. SoundShift technology lets you quickly switch between your TV’s audio and a connected mobile device’s audio. A remote is also included to control the JBL Boost TV, but you can also use your TV’s own remote to control its audio and power.


The JBL Boost TV is no replacement for a serious home theater speaker system with a subwoofer, but it is an excellent solution for small apartments, bedrooms and cramped spaces. The JBL Boost TV retails for $189.95 and is available in white or black.

The Good: Compact and attractive design, adds more powerful audio and surround sound to your TV, brings out clearer dialogue in TV and movies, doubles as a Bluetooth speaker you can connect to your phone, very affordable, has JBL Connect support for linking it to other JBL Bluetooth speakers for even more powerful sound

The Bad: Not a serious replacement for a cinematic home theater audio system

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