Trip the Light Fantastic with the JBL Pulse 3 Pulsating Speaker

JBL Pulse 3 is More Beautiful (and Waterproof) Than Ever

Every JBL Pulse speaker has been a sight to see, but their new Pulse 3 is even more beautiful then ever. What other speaker includes a 360 degree synchronized lightshow?! JBL Pulse 3 is now IPX7 waterproofed. It’s a bluetooth speaker with big sound and a big 12 hour rechargeable battery.


While the premise is the same, the JBL Pulse 3 has a much different look and feel from the Pulse 2. Superficially, the LEDs are way less pixelized, and the visualization is much warmer and fluid. In prior versions, the LED visualization was built right into the speaker grill, but now it’s a dedicated feature on top of the speaker grill. The LED is customizable and can blend to an atmosphere of your choice. There’s an app for that. The LEDs are synchronized and will jam out to your music and beats. It’s incredible.

The speaker delivers 360 degree stereo audio. Like previous generations, it’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, but now it’s fully IPX7 waterproofed. You can even clean the speaker with running water. You need not worry about rain and pool parties. It features a nice long 12 hour battery, and that’s with the visualizations on. There’s noise cancelling microphones included for making and taking phone calls or using your phone’s voice activation features. There’s also a neat feature where you can pair up to 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers to amplify the listening experience.

The wait isn’t too long for JBL’s Pulse 3. It comes out in Spring 2017 and will retail for $199.95.

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