Live, the Under-the-Mattress Sleep Sensor That Can Tell You Life Saving Info

Live is an unobtrusive sleep tracker that you don’t have to wear at night. It just slips under the mattress and tracks things from there. With the Live in place, you can get a complete picture of sleep patterns, respiratory rates along with alerts if something falls outside of established parameters. This is a particularly useful tool if someone you care for is having problems that need monitoring despite you not being in close proximity to them. For example, if Grandma got up at night, maybe had a fall, and was gone from her bed in the middle of the night for too long, you could get a notification in time to help her.
There are personal applications that are useful as well. Have you been feeling less well rested? Is that because of how you are sleeping? You can check in on that in the morning to see what happened while you were conked out. At the very least, it is a handy morning alarm clock with its smart wake-up feature that wakes you up at the ideal moment of your sleep cycle. It plugs into the wall and slips in under your mattress. Since it is a thin disc, you feel nothing from it and because it is plugged in, you also don’t have to worry about charging it. Install is as simple as pairing it with the app.
All of this information feeds into the app to provide you a wellness summary with feedback and tips, along with a nutritional and activity diary that could provide for some interesting correlations. All of this tracking information claims to be up to 94% accurate, which is not bad for a non-wearable device. There is also no contract required unless you pursue the Live+ option, in which case there is a $14.99 monthly fee for remote monitoring of your loved ones sleep habits along with alerts for when you should be concerned. At the very least this buys some peace of mind. The Live sells for $199.00 at their website.


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