Lofelt Straps a Subwoofer To Your Wrist So That You Can Feel the Music

Lofelt takes “Bass you can feel” to a Strange New Level

Subwoofers can be a great addition to the living room theater to add that extra low-end oomph that your movies and music crave. Lofelt just launched a miniature subwoofer of their own, but it doesn’t go in the living room, it goes on your wrist. The Basslet is the world’s first watch-sized subwoofer with bass that you can surely feel.

basslet big

Forget about a complicated setup process with apps and such, the Lofelt is a little more old school in that it’s plug and play. There’s a small black middle-man that your headphones plug into, and then it plugs into your phone or music source with the same aux headphone plug. The sender wirelessly transmits all your low-range beats to the Basslet subwoofer bracelet.

The Basslet is micro-USB rechargeable and the bass can jam out for 6+ hours of continuous playtime. While you can certainly feel the bass, no one will be able to hear it. You can adjust the bass intensity using the built-in buttons. Basslet allows you to feel the full bass spectrum from 10hz to 250hz. Renault, a top 5 car company, is even playing with Basslet’s technology on some new vibrating seat concepts.


The real practical applications remain to be seen, but the obvious ones are: a more immersive music listening experience, watching movies, gaming and virtual reality. The Basslet will work with any device that has a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Thankfully most devices have this. There’s no lightning or bluetooth support at this time. The band can be swapped out for any 24mm watch strap.

The Lofelt Baselet is currently available as a discounted pre-order. The device will retail for $199 and ships in February 2017.

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