LoveHandles Make Your Phone Even Sexier

Phones are the one place where LoveHandles are a good thing

LoveHandles are a good thing… on your phone at least! The simplistic LoveHandle is a grip for your smartphone that allows you to be much safer and versatile with your device.

The LoveHandle Smartphone Grip adheres to basically any smartphone with a flat surface. It uses a strong removable no-residue 3M adhesive and attaches a stretchy grip to the back of your phone. It can tightly and safely fit one, two, three, or maybe even four fingers, whichever is most comfortable for you. While you’re not supposed to text and walk, if you had to you’d love how secure the phone feels in your hand. It also makes selfies and general usage way easier and much more comfortable.

The patented LoveHandles come in a bunch of different designs, and you can even get custom with it. The stretchy band comes in solid colors, patterned designs, and licensed designs. If you want it in bulk then you can even customize your own however you choose. The hourglass-shaped base also comes in different colors and finishes. There’s an XL design that’s intended for larger devices like kindles and tablets.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.30.48 AM

To apply it, simply clean the back of your phone or case, stick it on, and press for 90 seconds. Once attached, you can feel just how sticky and secure it is.

Admittedly, we were a little skeptical as we were applying the LoveHandle on our iPhone, but the second we got our fingers in there we were sold. It’s a pretty amazing addition to your phone. It also adds some very slight protection on our caseless iPhone when we lay our phone face-up, LoveHandle-down. The LoveHandle retails for $9.95, which is a very worthwhile price. You can find them a little cheaper on Amazon. If you get the mystery box, you can get five of them for $24.95, or about $5/LoveHandle.

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