Motiv Ring is As Discreet As A Fitness Tracker Wearable Gets

The Motiv Ring does everything a bulky fitness tracker does but instead of taking up real estate on your wrist as a smartwatch, it is a simple and comfortable ring made out of a feather-light titanium shell. It tracks your heart rate with an optical sensor, along with active heart rate, resting heart rate, distance, steps, sleep patterns, calories burned, active minutes, and activity type. Along with that comes a companion app that helps you establish healthier patterns with goals and daily targets.

motiv ring

If your exercise routine involves swimming or jogging in the rain, you will love the waterproof up to 5 ATM feature that lets you keep the ring on worry free. You can even keep it on in the shower. Keeping it part of your daily routine is easier to remember when you can keep it on in the shower instead of leaving it behind on the bathroom counter. That really is the beauty of the Motiv Ring, it is almost an afterthought to use it because it is so easy. Even charging is easy, cordless, no chunky charging dock, and the battery life lasts 3-5 days. With ease of use like this, you could almost forget that you are even wearing it. A tri-colored LED light will let you know where you stand battery wise or you can always check the Bluetooth connected app.

So the function and usability of the Motiv Ring is unrivaled, but how about its form factor? So many fitness trackers these days look like they were made from brightly colored recycled tennis shoes, but not the Motiv. It comes in the always elegant Rose Gold or classy Slate Gray titanium in seven ring sizes and is about 8mm thick, which is about the size of four nickels stacked on top of each other. Its superior functioning despite its tiny size can be attributed to a custom lithium ion battery with a three-axis accelerometer. The Motiv Ring debuts today at CES and is available for pre-sale for $199, showing that sometimes less really is more.


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