Much Like Stormtroopers, The AirMega HEPA Filter Now Comes in Charcoal

AirMega is an industry leader in top of the line HEPA home air filtration. We were very impressed when we reviewed the AirMega 300s HEPA Filter in white. Now, it comes in a sleek charcoal that may be more suited to your home decor tastes. Also coming soon will be Amazon Echo integration, so you can ask Alexa to give you feedback on the air quality in your home and adjust accordingly.

The AirMega HEPA filtration system is absolutely exceptional. Not only is the unit visually stunning (everyone who comes in my house asks about it) it is very good at its job. With a “Smart” setting, the AirMega is proactively monitoring air quality and doing its job long before anything bad accumulates enough to be bothersome. It does this via a dual filter system made of a pre-filter that is very easy to clean and catches larger elements like pet fur, and secondly, a Max2 Filter that is an activated carbon filter that, true to HEPA, reduces the nasty stuff in your air 99%. It grabs allergens, pollens, and activates when it senses fumes. It sucks air in from two sides, filters it, and pushes it up through the top into the room to be circulated.


With how much we loved the white model of AirMega, we are pretty confident the AirMega Graphite will nail it just as well. It will be available in the 400 model for $749 and the 400s model for $849. You can check out the AirMega Graphite here.

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