Netgear Arlo Baby is a Cute, Smart Baby Monitor with 1080p Streaming

This isn’t your everyday baby monitor, and it’s not just because of the bunny costume!

Netgear’s first ever baby monitor, the Arlo Baby, is absolutely adorable, coming in a bunny character skin that looks like it hopped off a kid’s show. The Arlo Baby Monitor is capable of two-way audio, 1080p streaming, night vision, and can send alerts with the baby’s movement or sound. You can also keep an eye on room temperature and humidity as well as air quality, making you the most informed new parent on the block.


The Arlo Baby can be mounted on a separately purchased pole and adjusted up or down as needed. Multi-colored LED nightlights shine out the back so they won’t disturb the baby, and can be managed using the companion app, where you can turn them on or off. It also has a fairly large speaker compared to other cameras, used for talking to your baby or playing up to 10 built-in lullabys with loop and shuffle capabilities that also have a timer function. There is an even bigger selection of songs available on their cloud library, too. Speaking of the cloud, Netgear offers cloud storage for video, with storage limits varying by monthly membership fee. Along with Netgear’s other Arlo home security cameras, up to five streaming cameras can be added to the app.

Arlo Baby can figure out a lot by watching and listening to a baby. It’ll be able to tell specifically when a baby is crying, alerting parents on their smartphones immediately. The Arlo Baby can also detect motion — if a baby has rolled into an awkward sleeping position, parents will know. However, Arlo Baby won’t send out alerts if a baby isn’t moving — Netgear is working on it, but they want to make sure they’ve got the feature right, rather than send out potentially scary false alarms (or worse, fail to send out an alert when it should).

Arlo Baby has a seven-hour rechargeable battery, so if you want to unplug it from where you normally keep it and move it to the baby’s nap spot, you can. You can also purchase other character skins for the Arlo Baby like a dog and a cat character. The Arlo Baby Stand goes for an additional $35 while the Arlo Baby itself will be $250. Another upgrade you can invest in by summer of 2017 is a 7″ dedicated custom touchscreen tablet with a camera and back kickstand for $350.

The Arlo Baby Monitor will be ready for purchase spring 2017, so in the meantime Netgear is working on some features to improve the software, like tracking sleep patterns with an aim to improve them, alerts when the baby wakes up, tracking your visits to baby’s room and feeding times, facial expression analysis for mood, and integration with several devices such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, IFTTT, Samsung Smartthings, and Wink, but not with Alexa or Google Home due to safety concerns with voice control. So, hopefully most of those features will be ready for launch. Keep an eye on Netgear for future developments.

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