Send Adorable Notes To Your Loved One With Love Box

Think of the Love Box as a physical manifestation of text messages between loved ones. It is literally a box that is hewn from a piece of wood from the French town of Jura and inlaid with a mirror that has a little screen underneath it that projects messages sent via the Love Box app from a loved one. When a message arrives the front icon of your choices spins to let you know to take the top off and have a peak.

Install is easy. Just plug it in and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Then download and launch the companion app and you are ready to send love notes. You can choose from three notification icons: a pixelated red heart, a paper fanned heart, or a golden heart. Once you put those on the box, with each spin you will know you have a note waiting for you. You can also send digital hearts via the heart icon by spinning it, resulting in the other person’s app being flooded with a heart rainfall notification. How sweet! #relationshipgoals anyone?

If you are in a long distance relationship, or maybe you just miss your mom a lot and can’t be there in person to give her hugs, this is a fantastic way to send them messages in a more special way. Sure, it still is on a screen but it is a screen dedicated entirely to one purpose: love. A Love Box with one heart of your choice is $120 or you can both have one for $220. See Love Box for more info.