Sen.se’s Tiny Sensors Remind You to Take Pills and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

These tiny smart home sensors will help keep you healthy and well-rested.

The new MedPeanut and SleepPeanut smart home sensors by Sen.se are great examples of simple, affordable tracking tech. By focusing each peanut-sized tracker on a specific purpose, Sen.se has been able to keep each device at $29 — pretty cheap in the world of smart home gadgets. The MedPeanut is a simple sensor that can attach to any pill box and act as a medicine tracker, while the SleepPeanut is a small portable sensor that tracks your sleep and wakes you up at a good spot in your sleep cycle.

We were impressed with the elegant simplicity of the first two Sen.se trackers, the ThermoPeanut and the GuardPeanut. Along with the new MedPeanut and SleepPeanut, all the Sen.se trackers work with the Sen.se smartphone app (Android or iOS) using a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

MedPeanut Smartphone

The MedPeanut is a cheap solution to the common problem of forgetting to take your meds at the right time (or at all) each day. You can stick the Peanut on the pillbox you are already using, then set a schedule of the times you need to take the pill using the app. When that time comes, you will get an alert reminding you to take the pill. MedPeanut can tell if you’ve picked up the bottle or not, marking down that you’ve taken your meds. You can also set-up a third-party notification if you fail to do so. This could be very handy for when you are overseeing a loved one’s medication regime, a process that can be very overwhelming and difficult to stay on top of.

Alarm Image

The SleepPeanut is a surprisingly powerful sleep tracker. Slip the SleepPeanut into a corner of the mattress sheet and go to bed. From there, without any prompting, it will track body heat and motion, knowing when you get into bed, go to sleep, wake up, and get out of bed. It also offers two alarms using the companion app. You can choose a hard alarm time or a general wake-up window that allows the tracker to trigger the alarm when you’re in the light sleep part of your sleep cycle. It makes gentle clicking noises to wake you, but if that is not enough, it can also have your smartphone produce a louder alarm.

App Image

Each Peanut comes with a Peanut case, self-adhesive tape, an attachment ring, and a replaceable battery that will last four to six months. The MedPeanut will be available in April 2017 and the SleepPeanut will be available this month. Check out Sen.se for more info.

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