T-Mobile to Include all Fees in Posted Price for Their T-Mobile One Wireless Plan

T-Mobile had yet another Un-carrier event at CES 2017

Last year, T-Mobile announced that they would be moving to a single monthly wireless plan for all new customers. Their One plan offered unlimited 4G LTE data, minutes, and texting, but we weren’t totally sold on it — at $70 for one line, $50 for a second line, and $20 for each subsequent line, we found it to be a less affordable option for single folks. There were other downsides, too — throttling after 28 GB of data used, low-speed tethering, and, perhaps most egregious, 480p video playback unless an additional $25 per month was paid. Still, it was a decent family plan, and it got a bit better last week at CES 2017.

The major announcement was the end of additional fees — the fees themselves aren’t actually going away, but T-Mobile will work things out to where the price you pay per month equals the price advertised. So, if you want to get a family of four on T-Mobile, $160 is exactly what you’ll see when the bill comes.

T-Mobile will also reward customers who don’t stress their network too much. The company is incentivizing lower data use by offering a $10 bill credit for each line that uses less than 2 GB of 4G LTE data every month. That means that hypothetical family of four could pay $120 per month if everyone in the family gets under 2 GB.

T-Mobile also announced that they will be locking in prices. The moment you switch to T-Mobile, the monthly price you pay will be set. T-Mobile says you can change what you pay if you want — we imagine this means you’ll have the option to get a cheaper price should T-Mobile happen to lower their prices — but they won’t start charging you more down the road.

And, as usual, T-Mobile has put out some carrots to get those on other carriers to switch. If you switch over from another carrier, T-Mobile will give you a $150 rebate for each line ported.

While it’s becoming increasingly clear that prepaid is the way to go if you’re single, T-Mobile One now looks like a formidable family plan. T-Mobile and Sprint are the only major carriers with unlimited plans now, and while both networks have their flaws, T-Mobile is leaps and bounds ahead of Sprint in almost every major market. You’ll want to make sure T-Mobile has good service where you live, but if they do, it’s worth considering.

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