Xiaomi’s Mi TV4 is an Ultra-thin TV That is Actually Upgradeable

This crazy thin TV is also modular

Xiaomi is an up-and-coming brand name in smart products and IoT and they just announced their new Mi TV 4. The Mi TV 4 is basically all screen! It has virtually no bezel and has virtually no width. It’s just 4.9mm thin, which is 30% thinner than an iPhone. Xiomi designed the 4K TV to be future proof with really neat upgradable features. Xiaomi also invested a lot of energy into Mi TV’s audio; it supports the professional-grade Dolby Atmos technology.


The Mi TV4 comes in three sizes: 49”, 55”, and 65”. It has smart features and a quad-core 64 bit processor, and that’s where things get interesting… All the technology of the TV is located in the “Mi TV Bar”, which looks like a speaker bar. It’s not attached to the TV, but it’s the guts and powerhouse of the TV. This means the beautiful 4K bezel-less display can be upgraded with an even better processor and even better speakers, if and when the time comes. The other appealing feature of the TV Bar is that it houses all the ports. This means there’s only one thin wire that needs to come out of the display. Power, HDMIs, audio cables, ethernet, USB, antenna — it all goes straight to the TV Bar and leaves the TV clean and beautiful.


The Mi TV Bar not only has the motherboard and brains of the TV, it also features an independent sound system. The bar has built-in speakers but also comes with two rear satellite speakers and a subwoofer to make your home theater complete. With upfiring speakers, Xiaomi can achieve a similar experience to ceiling speakers when playing Dolby Atmos audio.

The Mi TV4 will be pricing out at “well under” $2,000, however it will first be available in China with no word on US or other countries.


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