The Amazon Tap Can Now Be Used Without Touching the Device

Despite the name, it’s probably better this way.

Showing a total disregard for naming, Amazon is pushing out an update that goes against the Amazon Tap’s name. Starting this week, instead of pushing the microphone button on a Tap to activate Alexa, you can simply say her name — same as most other Alexa-enabled speakers.

The update basically turns the Amazon Tap into a mini Amazon Echo. Commands can now be made from across the room, without the hassle of walking those extra few feet! In all seriousness, it’s a nice addition — more and more people are buying the cheaper Taps (or Dots) in bulk to get Alexa into every room in the home, so this should be a big help to many. The new feature can be activated using the Alexa app.

There’s a good reason the Tap hasn’t had this feature. Because Taps are often bought in bulk or with other Amazon Alexa speakers and scattered around the home, there’s a real risk of activating more than one at once with a touchless voice command. This week’s Tap update is also pushing out Amazon’s Echo Spatial Perception, which ensures that only one unit (generally the one closest to you) will respond to your voice command. Good thing — you don’t want all your Alexa speakers ordering pizzas at once! Well, unless you do.

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