Club Penguin Virtual World for Kids is Shutting Down After 12 Years

It’s OK, the game’s successor is coming out to replace it.

Club Penguin, an online staple since 2005, is finally coming to a close in March of this year. The game’s servers will shut down on March 29, but the game’s developers are sending it out right before its successor, Club Penguin Island, launches.

Launched by New Horizon in 2005 before being acquired by Disney in 2007, the game was your classic social MMO, just with everyone as penguins. There were games, activities, Puffles, lots of ice, and notoriously strict filters and moderation (many a player has a story and/or screenshot of how they got banned). There were also a lot of people — there are about 150 million active accounts, but at its peak, the game had over 200 million subscribers. Most of those played for free, but there was a paid membership option (no longer available as of this week), that opened up sweet igloo decorations and clothes.

The game’s developers are sending Club Penguin off right. A running joke was that it was totally possible to flip over an iceberg if enough penguins got over to one side and started drilling — in the same tradition as the unlockable Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros. Melee hoaxes. Well, Club Penguin kicked off a celebration earlier this week that will last until the game closes, and it got started with, sure enough, the iceberg getting flipped (for real, no editing). In the happier world of Club Penguin, tipped over icebergs reveal bangin’ dance parties, which really brings home the appeal of Club Penguin in general, for kids and adults alike.

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