Etsy Wants the Whole Craft Economy, Will Start Selling Craft Supplies

Etsy Studio Will be a one-stop craft shop.

Whenever they can, companies love to control more and more of the supply chain — Etsy is no different. Not content to corner the market in handmade goods, the site is now turning to craft supplies with their new store, Etsy Studio.

Launching in the spring, Etsy Studio will stock craft supplies, along with tutorials and patterns to help more people make stuff (and sell that stuff on Etsy). True to form, Etsy themselves won’t be selling the supplies — they’ll still rely on users to produce and sell their own wares.


Etsy is making the new shop easy for sellers. Craft supply listings can be created in the same way as regular Etsy listings, with Etsy doing the work of putting the listings on Etsy Studio (they’ll be listed on the regular Etsy store, as well). Etsy is tweaking the seller dashboard to make sure everything goes smoothly — Etsy and Etsy Studio listings can all be managed from one place. Same goes for Pattern, the website builder Etsy provides to sellers so they can make their own custom sites.

While Etsy will be taking their customary cut, the introduction of Etsy Studio is just as much a way for Etsy to attract more sellers and buyers. They’ll be going head-to-head with craft stores like Michaels, Blick, and JoAnn’s, along with other general online retailers like Amazon. Etsy is relying on their craft cachet to turn themselves into a more convenient one-stop shop for all things crafts, which seems like a pretty shrewd move.

Etsy is also making some housekeeping moves to help sellers keep things straight on their stores. When sellers make alternate versions of an item, they’ll be able to create separate prices, SKUs, and inventory numbers. Etsy is also clarifying their handmade policy, while allowing sellers to easily disclose any other parties involved in production.

And finally, some good news for buyers. Etsy is adding more attribute drop-down menus for relevant items, meaning you can choose colors and sizes without having to contact the seller directly.


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