Facebook is Going to Start Autoplaying Audio Along With Videos Soon

Here’s your PSA for the week.

Some things never change. As it seems it’s always been, Facebook is making a big change and a whole lot of people think it’s bad. This time, Zuckerberg and company are trying to gin up more video engagement by turning sound on by default for the videos that appear in your news feed.

Unfortunately, that works exactly how it sounds. Start scrolling through your news feed, and as you approach a video, the audio will start to fade in. Considering Facebook is pretty much just politics now, this should go over really great for everyone.

If you, like many, do not want this to happen, you still have the power. While it’s obnoxious that Facebook is making autoplay audio the default setting, you can either turn it off in settings or just keep your phone on silent. Otherwise, you know you’re going to run across a video that starts with someone screaming. The gentle fade in will only make you panic more.

Somehow, it’s not all bad news. Facebook is rolling out their picture-in-picture feature, which lets you keep playing videos you actually do want to watch while continuing to scroll through your feed. Facebook is also adding larger previews for videos taken in portrait mode.

That rumored Facebook TV app is also on its way. Facebook will launch their TV app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV, and it will be focused only on video. For now, Facebook is only talking about videos from your feed and live streaming videos, but chances are Facebook is preparing to make a push into original content in the near future. Those apps, and the new video features, will all be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks.

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