Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Firefly’s expensive new convection vape is a luxury you’ll want to pony up for.

Redesigned from the ground up in San Francisco, the Firefly 2 is the second generation of the popular convection vaporizer. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Firefly 2 now works with both dried herbs and concentrates. With promises of instant vapor and pure flavor, keep reading to find out if the Firefly 2 should be your next vape.

Most handheld vapes on the market use conduction heating. This means that your herbal materials must be physically touching a heating element in order to be vaporized. The Firefly 2 differs by using a convection system, heating the air before it passes through your favorite material. The result is consistently rich and flavorful vapor.

Reminiscent of a glass bowl pipe, the re-designed Firefly 2 is a sleek and modern take on an old classic. The magnetic lid is available in six different colors and has a glass window, allowing you to watch your material vaporize in front of your eyes. The body itself is made of magnesium alloy and is a third of the size and half the weight of the original Firefly.

To access the small glass chamber, detach the magnetic lid by lifting up firmly. Herbs need to be coarsely ground and tamped down for optimal performance. When using concentrates, insert one of the included concentrate pads into the chamber and drop a small dab on top. The heating temperature will also need to be raised by selecting the concentrates setting in the mobile app. Once the chamber is loaded, reattach the lid to the body and prepare for liftoff.

Another major improvement is the replacement of the power button with dual capacitive touch sensors. To power the Firefly 2, simply hold your thumb and index finger to the side mounted sensors. Avoid pressing down on the sensors, as a light touch is all that is needed. Once the chamber begins to glow and the top LED is solid green, you are ready to roll.

The redesigned Firefly 2 now has 55 air holes (up from 6) that create superior airflow when compared to its predecessor. Made from a BPA-free food-safe triton polymer, the removable mouthpiece has a built-in metal filter to catch stray debris. When inhaling, use long slow draws to enjoy amazingly rich tasting vapor.

Shipping with two quick-charge batteries, the Firefly 2 is always ready to use. A full charge takes about 45 minutes while resting in its USB powered charging cradle. A full battery delivers six sessions and automatically goes into sleep mode during periods of inactivity. In order to check battery life, simply press the right touch sensor three times.

After a few uses, residue from your herbal materials will begin to build up on the lid and borosilicate glass vapor path. Thankfully, the Firefly 2 is one of the easiest vapes to clean on the market. Use the included brush tool to sweep up debris and an alcohol wipe to clean the mirrored surfaces. Regular cleanings ensure that you will get rich tasting vapor with every use.

Most high-end vaporizers now include a companion mobile app to create your own custom vaping experience. In a similar fashion, the Firefly app gives you control over six different temperature settings, including one specifically for concentrates. Within the app also live firmware updates, battery levels, an information library, and the ability to customize the touch sensors.

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