Funko is Having a Ball With Their Beauty and the Beast Figurines

A figurine for all the dresses!

We’re all kinds of excited for the live action Beauty and the Beast coming out next month, and we’re not alone. Funko has a ton of new Pop, Dorbz, and Mystery Mini figurines coming out ahead of the new movie, and now we know where they can be found.

Funko has ten new vinyl Pop figurines for the new live action movie (distinct from their collection for the animated classic), and half of those, as it should be, are Belle in five different outfits. There’s a regular Beast and a flocked Beast as well, plus figurines for Lumière, Cogsworth, and a combo pack with Chip and Mrs. Potts. If you’re a completionist, you’ll have some running around to do to collect them all — Belle with candlestick is a Barnes & Noble exclusive, Village Belle is hanging out at Walmart, Castle Grounds Belle is holed up at FYE, and flocked Beast is brooding at Hot Topic.

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There are six of the cute Dorbz figurines — four of Beauty, two of the Beast (flocked and normal variants, same as above). Celebration Belle is a Kohl’s exclusive, while flocked Beast can only be purchased through Entertainment Earth. If that’s not enough to empty your wallet, you might have to buy multiple Vintage Belle figurines to get a full set — one in six of those are limited edition chase versions.

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Finally, there are over a dozen Mystery Minis, Funko’s line of smaller, blind bag figurines (AKA pure money). This line has a wider array of characters from the movie, including Gaston. But, a few Minis will be exclusive to either Hot Topic or Walmart.


Funko says the new figurines are all available now, so best of luck tracking them all down! You can check out the whole line of figurines over at Funko.

Via Comicbook.com

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